We are a new Non-Profit Organization focused on Data Privacy and Cyber Security. We mostly create Software and Online Services, but we also promote and pursue privacy, tranparency, free-speech and anonymity both in real life and online.





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Members have access to internal projects in an early phase and have voting power to decide the path they should take. Members are part of the community and improve the privacy in their daily lives. Some of the crazy ones also like to create content and break stuff (responsibly 😏). If that sounds like too much, you can simply donate to support a project you like and help it develop.

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Our current projects are mostly services provided to our members with a focus on privacy. To access them you must be logged in!

Project phases and the responsible devs can be found in the respective section on the Discord Server. Donations can be given directly to a project if you wish to support it.


If you want to contact us in a more formal manner, feel free to send us an e-mail. yotsuka [at] pm [dot] me

Or Join Us

Or feel free to join our discord server. Chat with us, join some projects and get involved.